WG3 – Quantum Control

WG3 – Quantum Control

Leader Nikolay Vitanov [] • Vice-leader Lukáš Slodička []

The WG3 - Quantum Control focuses on proposing and gathering novel protocols for controlling the quantum states and interactions with trapped ions.

Single trapped ions have proven to constitute an experimental platform with outstanding possibilities of control of their internal-electronic and external-motional quantum states.

Besides the development of high fidelity protocols for quantum gates and their implementation within specific ions, it includes the studies of the light-matter interaction from a single to a few-ion levels, development of controllable trapped-ion nonclassical light sources, and possibilities of utilization and control of their mechanical degrees of freedom.

These tasks will strongly benefit from a stimulated dialogue between theory, simulation and experiment. Milestones of the WG3 include the development of a common numerical code to simulate the response of ions to a control, its application to different ions with various energy level schemes, as well as the study of dynamics and thermodynamic effects.