WG1 – Tools and Infrastructure

WG1 – Tools and Infrastructure

Leader Daniel Rodríguez [] • Vice-leader Amado Bautista-Salvador []

WG1 aims at enhancing the collaborative work between research groups on ion trapping technology.

This WG has two tasks: tackling cutting edge technological obstacles in a joint manner, to guarantee progress through common means, and promote the use of ion trapping in a large number of domains. By establishing a strong interaction between the groups, we aim at building a common knowledge basis and simplify the access to key technologies and experiments. At the moment WG1 is formed by about 80 members from more than 50 research groups (most of them European).

The main topics are: 1) Microfabrication, 2) Data acquisition and control, 3) Simulation packages, 4) Lasers and microwave technology and 5) Large-scale facilities. These items are present in different domains not traditionally interconnected, at the applied and fundamental levels like e.g., quantum technologies or precision experiments on extreme scenarios, but that can profit from each other and can help establishing standard components and methods.

The next group meeting will take place in 2020, where a compilation of the hardware and software developed so far, and implications/benefits to other WGs shall be presented.