Research scholarship in Antihydrogen Physics (PhD student position)

Research scholarship in Antihydrogen Physics (PhD student position)


Fully funded Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Swansea University’s College of Science PhD scholarship on Antihydrogen formation using sympathetically cooled positrons

Closing date for applications: 30 April 2021

Start date: October 2021


  • Supervisor 1: Professor Niels Madsen
  • Supervisor 2: Professor Stefan Eriksson

The ALPHA antihydrogen experiment at CERN synthesises and traps antihydrogen atoms (atoms made of antimatter) in order to do precise measurements of its structure through spectroscopy and of its gravitational behaviour and compare these with those of ordinary hydrogen in an effort to unravel the mystery of why we observe no bulk antimatter in the Universe. The student will join the vibrant ALPHA experiment at CERN, so this position is full time at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The focus of this project will be to use laser-cooled Beryllium ions to cool the positron plasma that is used for antihydrogen formation. By cooling the positrons below that achievable by other means, the student will significantly increase the number of antihydrogen atoms trapped in the experiment and thereby increase the resolution of the measurements.

Full details are available here.