Newsletter – August 2019

Newsletter – August 2019

The abstract submission for the first Early Career Conference in Trapped Ions (ECCTI) is already open, and registration process will follow in the next weeks. This conference is for PhD students and young postdocs only, and will be held 13-17 January 2020 at CERN premises.

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the abstract submission for the first Early Career Conference in Trapped Ions (ECCTI) is already open, and registration process will follow in the next weeks. This conference is for PhD students and young postdocs only, and will be held 13-17 January 2020 at CERN premises.

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CERN has issued a call for proposals for projects at the CERN Antiproton Decelerator after the long shutdown (LS2). The deadline is 1 October 2019 and details of the call can be found at


The iqClock Quantum Flagship consortium is pleased to announce the upcoming Autumn School on “Clocks, Cavities, and Fundamental Physics”, which will take place at the Institute of Physics, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland, 15-20 September 2019. LINK

The First Fall Meeting of the German Physical Society (DPG-Herbsttagung) focussed on Quantum Science and Information technologies will be held  23.-27. September 2019 in Freiburg LINK

IQuMS 2019 -the “International conference on quantum Metrology and Sensing”  will be held in Paris, France from 9 to 13 December 2019. LINK

Early Career Conference on Trapped Ions, to be held at CERN, Geneva 13-17 January 2020. LINK
                                   ABSTRACT submission open!!

DPG Spring Meeting “Atomic Physics” 9 – 13 March 2020 in Hannover LINK


The University of Kassel, Germany announces an open W2 professorship for Theo­re­ti­cal Ato­mic, Mole­cu­lar and Quan­tum Op­ti­cal Phy­sics – Institute of Physics Details 

2 PostDoc positions (quantum dynamics of Coulomb crystals controlled by optical fields, and quantum logic spectroscopy of bio-relevant molecular ions) are available in the Ion Trap group at Aarhus University. For details please contact Michael Drewsen

University of Sussex is looking for a Research Fellow in Quantum Networking and Quantum Computation. Details

PhD position in the field of theoretical AMO physics and quantum chemistry in the group of M Tomsza at the University of Warsaw (PL)  LINK

Radboud University Nijmegen (NL) offers several Tenure Track positions for talented female scientists, including one position in cold molecules (computational), and one position in physical chemistry/atomic and molecular physics (experimental). LINK

A PhD and a postdoc position are open at LKB, Paris, France on “Measuring a Doppler free two-photon transition in H2+ for electron to proton mass ratio metrology”. For details contact Laurent Hilico

Opening of multiple postdoc positions at JPL in the area of trapped ion clocks, cold atom in space, and atomic (atom interferometer) sensors. The opportunity details can be found at LINK.

PhD and PostDoc positions available at the Max-Planck-Institute for the Science of Light and the University of Erlangen in the group working on interaction of ions and light focused from full solid angle. Please contact Markus Sondermann ()

PhD position on theoretical methods in cold and ultracold chemistry at the Fritz-Haber Institute in Berlin. For details, contact Jesus Perez Rios

You can also find postdoc positions in frequency metrology, cold atoms and quantum information


Please sent informations about your publications to

A cryogenic radio-frequency ion trap for quantum logic spectroscopy of highly charged ions
T. Leopold, S. A. King, P. Micke, A. Bautista-Salvador, J. C. Heip, C. Ospelkaus, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia and P. O. Schmidt
Review of Scientific Instruments 90, 073201 (2019)

Determination of quantum defect for the Rydberg P series of Ca II
Arezoo Mokhberi, Jonas Vogel, Justas Andrijauskas, Patrick Bachor, Jochen Walz and Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler
J. Phys. B (2019), accepted

Classification of head-on collisions of ion-acoustic solitary waves in a plasma consisting of cold ions and Boltzmann electrons
Yury Medvedev
Eur. Phys. J. D (2019) 73: 157

Dynamical Ginzburg criterion for the quantum-classical crossover of the Kibble-Zurek mechanism
Matthias Gerster, Benedikt Haggenmiller, Ferdinand Tschirsich, Pietro Silvi, and Simone Montangero
Phys. Rev. B 100, 024311 (2019) 

Excitation of E1-forbidden Atomic Transitions with Electric, Magnetic or Mixed Multipolarity in Light Fields Carrying Orbital and Spin Angular Momentum
M. Solyanik-Gorgone, A. Afanasev, C. Carlson, C. T. Schmiegelow, F. Schmidt-Kaler,
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 36(3), 565 (2019)

Exploring nonequilibrium phases of the generalized Dicke model with a trapped Rydberg-ion quantum simulator
F. M. Gambetta, I. Lesanovsky, and W. Li
Phys. Rev. A 100, 022513 (2019)

Experimental demonstration of three-photon coherent population trapping in an ion cloud

M. Collombon, C. Chatou, G. Hagel, J. Pedregosa-Gutierrez, M. Houssin, M. Knoop, and C. Champenois
Physical Review Applied (2019), accepted

High-precision mass spectrometer for light ions
F. Heiße, S. Rau, F. Köhler-Langes, W. Quint, G. Werth, S. Sturm, and K. Blaum
Phys. Rev. A 100, 022518 (2019)

Image charge shift in high-precision Penning traps
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Integrated 9Be+ multi-qubit gate device for the ion-trap quantum computer
H. Hahn, G. Zarantonello, M. Schulte, A. Bautista-Salvador, K. Hammerer & C. Ospelkaus
npj Quantum Information, volume 5, Article number: 70 (2019)

Measuring complex-partition-function zeros of Ising models in quantum simulators
Abijith Krishnan, Markus Schmitt, Roderich Moessner, and Markus Heyl
Phys. Rev. A 100, 022125 (2019)

Phase transfer between three visible lasers for coherent population trapping
Collombon, Mathieu; Hagel, Gaëtan; Chatou, Cyril; Guyomarc’h, Didier; Ferrand, Didier; Houssin, Marie; Champenois, Caroline; Knoop, Martina
Optics Letters 44(4) 859-862 (2019)

Precision Spectroscopy of Negative-Ion Resonances in Ultralong-Range Rydberg Molecules
F. Engel, T. Dieterle, F. Hummel, C. Fey, P. Schmelcher, R. Löw, T. Pfau, and F. Meinert
Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 073003 (2019) 

Quantum algorithm for simulating an experiment: Light interference from single ions and their mirror images
Luc Bouten, Gé Vissers, and Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler
Physical Review A (Vol. 100, No. 2)

Quantum computer with cold ions in the Aubry pinned phase
The European Physical Journal D July 2019, 73:148

Spin Heat Engine Coupled to a Harmonic-Oscillator Flywheel
D. von Lindenfels, O. Gräb, C. T. Schmiegelow, V. Kaushal, J. Schulz, Mark T. Mitchison, John Goold, F. Schmidt-Kaler, and U. G. Poschinger
Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 080602

Suppressing Inhomogeneous Broadening in a Lutetium Multi-ion Optical Clock
T. R. Tan, R. Kaewuam, K. J. Arnold, S. R. Chanu, Zhiqiang Zhang, M. S. Safronova, and M. D. Barrett
Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 06320

Synopsis: A Heat Engine Made of a Single Ion Spin
Sophia Chen

Thermoelectricity of cold ions in optical lattices
Oleg V. Zhirov, José Lages and Dima L. Shepelyansky
Eur. Phys. J. D (2019) 73: 149

Two-qubit entangling gates within arbitrarily long chains of trapped ions
K. A. Landsman, Y. Wu, P. H. Leung, D. Zhu, N. M. Linke, K. R. Brown, L. Duan, and C. Monroe
Phys. Rev. A 100, 022332 (2019)


An atomic array optical clock with single-atom readout
Ivaylo S. Madjarov, Alexandre Cooper, Adam L. Shaw, Jacob P. Covey, Vladimir Schkolnik, Tai Hyun Yoon, Jason R. Williams, Manuel Endres

Classical versus Quantum Models in Machine Learning: Insights from a Finance Application
Javier Alcazar, Vicente Leyton-Ortega, Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz

Detecting, tracking, and eliminating drift in quantum information processors
Timothy Proctor, Melissa Revelle, Erik Nielsen, Kenneth Rudinger, Daniel Lobser, Peter Maunz, Robin Blume-Kohout, Kevin Young

Dynamics of quantum information
R. J. Lewis-Swan, A. Safavi-Naini, A. M. Kaufman, A. M. Rey

Effect of ion-trap parameters on energy distributions of ultra-cold atom-ion mixtures
Meirav Pinkas, Ziv Meir, Tomas Sikorsky, Ruti Ben-Shlomi, Nitzan Akerman, Roee Ozeri

Engineering of Microfabricated Ion Traps and Integration of Advanced On-Chip Features
Zak David Romaszko, Seokjun Hong, Martin Siegele, Reuben Kahan Puddy, Foni Raphaël Lebrun-Gallagher, Sebastian Weidt, Winfried Karl Hensinger

Exploring the mass surface near the rare-earth abundance peak via precision mass measurements at JYFLTRAP
M. Vilen, J. M. Kelly, A. Kankainen, M. Brodeur, A. Aprahamian, L. Canete, R. de Groote, A. de Roubin, T. Eronen, A. Jokinen, I. D. Moore, M. R. Mumpower, D. A. Nesterenko, J. O’Brien, A. Pardo Perdomo, H. Penttilä, M. Reponen, S. Rinta-Antila, R. Surman

Fault-tolerant bosonic quantum error correction with the surface-GKP code
Kyungjoo Noh, Christopher Chamberland

Hybrid quantum computation gate with trapped ion system
H. C. J. Gan, Gleb Maslennikov, Ko-Wei Tseng, Chihuan Nguyen, Dzmitry Matsukevich

Impact of ion motion on atom-ion confinement-induced resonances in hybrid traps
Vladimir S. Melezhik, Zbigniew Idziaszek, Antonio Negretti

Modular Quantum Computation in a Trapped Ion System
Kuan Zhang, Jayne Thompson, Xiang Zhang, Yangchao Shen, Yao Lu, Shuaining Zhang, Jiajun Ma, Vlatko Vedral, Mile Gu, Kihwan Kim

Selective Interactions in the Quantum Rabi Model
L. Cong, S. Felicetti, J. Casanova, L. Lamata, E. Solano, I. Arrazola

Shuttling of Rydberg ions for fast entangling operations,
J. Vogel, W.Li, A. Mokhberi, I. Lesanowsky, F. Schmidt-Kaler

Sub-microsecond entangling gate between trapped ions via Rydberg interaction
Chi Zhang, Fabian Pokorny, Weibin Li, Gerard Higgins, Andreas Pöschl, Igor Lesanovsky, Markus Hennrich

Towards analog quantum simulations of lattice gauge theories with trapped ions
Zohreh Davoudi, Mohammad Hafezi, Christopher Monroe, Guido Pagano, Alireza Seif, Andrew Shaw

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