ITN Newsletter – October 2020

ITN Newsletter – October 2020

Greece is a new member of COST Action TIPICQA, bringing the number of direct member states to 24. Welcome to Greece! Lockdown measures are coming back to (European) labs, we sincerely hope that you and your ions are all safe and well trapped.

Dear all,
Greece is a new member of COST Action TIPICQA, bringing the number of direct member states to 24. Welcome to Greece!
Lockdown measures are coming back to (European) labs, we sincerely hope that you and your ions are all safe and well trapped.
Your editorial team


We have to announce the sad news of the very sudden passing away of Dieter Gerlich by mid-October at age 76. Dieter has been such an active person, that it is impossible to cite all his achievements in cold collisions, astrochemistry, molecular spectroscopy, multipole and cryogenic trapping, just to name a few. His retirement more than ten years ago, has fuelled his collaborations (, with regular stops at our ECTI conferences,  always in a good mood and full of ideas. We have lost a great Ion Trapper !

The Physical Review Journal Club discusses latest research outcomes, as for example  HERE on “Benchmarking a High-Fidelity Mixed-Species Entangling Gate”.

Special issue ” Trapped Ion Quantum Information“. Guest editor: Erik Torrontegui. Details

EPJ QT special issue: “Quantum Metrology & Quantum Enhanced Measurement“. Submissions are accepted from now until 30 June 2021. Details

Online seminars

Virtual Seminar on Precision Physics and Fundamental Symmetries 2020
an initiative for the precision physics and quantum information community every Thursday   LINK
The Virtual AMO Seminar ( Fridays, 7pm (UTC) 
The “Quantum Science Seminar” ( Thursdays, 5pm


European Quantum Week 2020 (EQW), 2.-6. November 2020   Details:  

WInter School on Physics with Trapped Charged Particles, Les Houches (France) from January 25 – February 5th, 2021. Our 4th edition is open for registration ! LINK

The MIAPP program “PARTICLE & AMO PHYSICISTS DISCUSSING QUANTUM SENSORS AND NEW PHYSICS” will be held at the Munich Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics (MIAPP, in Garching, Germany, from 1st to 26th March 2021.

25th ICOLS, Estes Park, Colorado/USA, 20-25 June 2021

European Conference on Trapped Ions (ECTI), Djurönäset, Sweden, summer 2021

52nd EGAS conference,  in Zagreb, Croatia, 5-9 July 2021

27th International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP) in Toronto, Canada, 17-22 July 2022 LINK



Postdoc and PhD positions for projects focussed on quantum computing with trapped ions are available at the University of Oxford, please contact Chris Ballance ().

Postdoctoral Research Associate and PhD positions are available on quantum simulation with large beryllium ion crystals in a Penning trap at the University of Sydney. For details see HERE or contact Robert Wolf ().

Postdoctoral Research Associate and PhD positions for projects focused on quantum computing, quantum simulation, and precision metrology with trapped-ions in linear Paul traps are available at the University of Sydney. Closing date: 9 November 2020 (AEST). For further details please see the job advert or contact Michael Biercuk ().

A tenure-track position in AMO physics with a focus on quantum technologies at UC Louvain. Details are found HERE

The BASE-Mainz team seeks to fill a post-doc position and two PhD positions on antimatter experiments until the end of the year. Details on website, or contact Christian Smorra ()

An open Ph.D./Postdoc position in the group of prof. Thorsten Schumm at the Vienna University of Technology: solid-state nuclear Thorium-229 clock development, for details, see ​

A post-doc position is available in co-development of the ultimate monolithic 3D Paul-trap and Sr-ion quantum networking. Contact , Details

A postdoc position is available in the group of Sourav Dutta (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India). The projects in the lab focus on trapped ions and ultracold molecules. For details please contact .     Details

A postdoc position in the Ultracold Quantum Molecular Systems Group at the University of Warsaw in Poland Details

Staff positions in trapped-ion quantum information processing at MIT Lincoln Laboratory; link ; contact:  John Chiaverini ().

Postdoc job offer at the Ion Trapping group in Granada, to work on “Single-trapped-ion detection techniques for (super)heavy ions, precision experiments based on optical sensing and quartz amplifiers”. Details

A post-doc position is available on “Precision 1S-2S spectroscopy of a single He+ ion for fundamental physics” in the group of Kjeld Eikema at the LaserLaB Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands. More information available here.

A postdoc position in ion trap cavity QED for fast networked quantum computing is available in the Ion Trap Quantum Computing Group at the University of Oxford. For details please contact . More information is available here


You can also find postdoc positions in frequency metrology, cold atoms and quantum information


Please sent informations about your publications to

A High-Power, Low-Noise, Ultraviolet Laser System for Trapped-Ion Quantum Computing
Tobey, R. I.; Lee, K. W.; Hankin, A. M.; Gresh, D. N.; Francois, D. J.; Bohnet, J. G.; Hayes, D.; Bohn, M. J.
CLEO: Applications and Technology, Paper# AF3K.3 (2020)

Application of a self-injection locked cyan laser for Barium ion cooling and spectroscopy
Anatoliy A. Savchenkov, Justin E. Christensen, David Hucul, Wesley C. Campbell, Eric R. Hudson, Skip Williams & Andrey B. Matsko
Scientific Reports 10 , 1–7 (2020)

Coherent coupling of a trapped electron to a distant superconducting microwave cavity
April Cridland Mathad, John H. Lacy, Jonathan Pinder, Alberto Uribe, Ryan Willetts, Raquel Alvarez, and José Verdú,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 154001 (2020)

Coherent Excitation of the Highly Forbidden Electric Octupole Transition in 172Yb+
H. A. Fürst, C.-H. Yeh, D. Kalincev, A. P. Kulosa, L. S. Dreissen, R. Lange, E. Benkler, N. Huntemann, E. Peik, and T. E. Mehlstäubler
Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 163001 (2020)

Coherent Suppression of Tensor Frequency Shifts through Magnetic Field Rotation
R. Lange, N. Huntemann, C. Sanner, H. Shao, B. Lipphardt, Chr. Tamm, and E. Peik
Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 143201 (2020)

Detecting and tracking drift in quantum information processors
Timothy Proctor, Melissa Revelle, Erik Nielsen, Kenneth Rudinger, Daniel Lobser, Peter Maunz, Robin Blume-Kohout & Kevin Young
Nature Communications 11 , 1–9 (2020)

Direct measurement of the 7s2S1/2→7p2P3/2 transition frequency in 226Ra+
C. A. Holliman, M. Fan, A. Contractor, M. W. Straus, and A. M. Jayich
Phys. Rev. A 102, 042822 (2020)

Efficient ion-photon qubit SWAP gate in realistic ion cavity-QED systems without strong coupling
Borne, Adrien; Northup, Tracy E.; Blatt, Rainer; Dayan, Barak
Optics Express 28(8) 11822-11839 (2020)

Efficient isotope-selective pulsed laser ablation loading of 174Yb+ ions in a surface electrode trap
Vrijsen, Geert; Aikyo, Yuhi; Spivey, Robert F.; Inlek, I. Volkan; Kim, Jungsang
Optics Express 27(23) 33907-33914 (2020)

Efficient-sideband-cooling protocol for long trapped-ion chains
J.-S. Chen, K. Wright, N. C. Pisenti, D. Murphy, K. M. Beck, K. Landsman, J. M. Amini, and Y. Nam
Phys. Rev. A 102, 043110 (2020)

Electron capture of Xe54+ in collisions with H2 molecules in the energy range between 5.5 and 30.9 MeV/u
F. M. Kröger et al.
Phys. Rev. A 102, 042825 (2020)

EO Integration of Planar Ion Trap and Silicon Photonics for Optical Addressing in Quantum Computing
Lim, Yu Dian; Tao, Jing; Zhao, Peng; Li, Hong Yu; Apriyana, Anak Agung Alit; Guidoni, Luca; Tan, Chuan Seng
CLEO: Applications and Technology, Paper# ATh1I.3 (2020)

Experimentally detecting dynamical quantum phase transitions in a slowly quenched Ising-chain model
Zhe Chen, Jin-Ming Cui, Ming-Zhong Ai, Ran He, Yun-Feng Huang, Yong-Jian Han, Chuan-Feng Li, and Guang-Can Guo
Phys. Rev. A 102, 042222 (2020)

High-Fidelity Two-Qubit Gates Using a Microelectromechanical-System-Based Beam Steering System for Individual Qubit Addressing
Ye Wang, Stephen Crain, Chao Fang, Bichen Zhang, Shilin Huang, Qiyao Liang, Pak Hong Leung, Kenneth R. Brown, and Jungsang Kim
Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 150505 (2020)

High-resolution spectroscopy of individual erbium ions in strong magnetic fields
Gabriele G. de Boo, Chunming Yin, Miloš Rančić, Brett C. Johnson, Jeffrey C. McCallum, Matthew J. Sellars, and Sven Rogge
Phys. Rev. B 102, 155309 (2020)

Hyperfine-induced effects on angular emission of the magnetic-quadrupole line 1s2p3/2 3P2→1s2 1S0 following electron-impact excitation of Tl79+ ions
Z. W. Wu, Z. Q. Tian, J. Jiang, C. Z. Dong, and S. Fritzsche
Phys. Rev. A 102, 042813 (2020)

Identification of visible lines from multiply charged W8+ and W9+ ions
Priti, Momoe Mita, Daiji Kato, Izumi Murakami, Hiroyuki A. Sakaue, and Nobuyuki Nakamura
Phys. Rev. A 102, 042818 (2020)

Inelastic collision dynamics of a single cold ion immersed in a Bose-Einstein condensate
T. Dieterle, M. Berngruber, C. Hölzl, R. Löw, K. Jachymski, T. Pfau, and F. Meinert
Phys. Rev. A 102, 041301(R) (2020)

Integrated multi-wavelength control of an ion qubit
R. J. Niffenegger, J. Stuart, C. Sorace-Agaskar, D. Kharas, S. Bramhavar, C. D. Bruzewicz, W. Loh, R. T. Maxson, R. McConnell, D. Reens, G. N. West, J. M. Sage & J. Chiaverini
Nature 586 , 538–542 (2020)

Laser-assisted decay spectroscopy and mass spectrometry of 178Au
J. G. Cubiss et al.
Phys. Rev. C 102, 044332 (2020)

Lieb-Robinson bounds and out-of-time order correlators in a long-range spin chain
Luis Colmenarez and David J. Luitz
Phys. Rev. Research 2, 043047 (2020)

Optical frequency analysis on dark state of a single trapped ion
Lešundák, Adam; Pham, Tuan M.; Čížek, Martin; Obšil, Petr; Slodička, Lukáš; Číp, Ondřej
Optics Express 28(9) 13091-13103 (2020)

Planar, strong magnetic field source for a chip ion trap
Jonathan Pinder, John H. Lacy, Ryan Willetts, April Cridland Mathad, Alberto Uribe, and José Verdú
Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 103201 (2020)

Polarization-gradient cooling of 1D and 2D ion Coulomb crystals
M K Joshi, A Fabre, C Maier, T Brydges, D Kiesenhofer, H Hainzer, R Blatt and C F Roos
New J. Phys. 22 103013 (2020)

Precision measurement of the 3D1 and 3D2 quadrupole moments in Lu+
R. Kaewuam, T. R. Tan, Zhiqiang Zhang, K. J. Arnold, M. S. Safronova, and M. D. Barrett
Phys. Rev. A 102, 042819 (2020)

Precision measurements with cold atoms and trapped ions
Qiuxin Zhang (张 球新), Yirong Wang (王 艺蓉), Chenhao Zhu (朱 晨昊), Yuxin Wang (王 玉欣), Xiang Zhang (张 翔), Kuiyi Gao (高 奎意) and Wei Zhang (张 威)
Chinese Phys. B 29 093203 (2020)

Prospect for Vibrational Transition Frequency Measurement of Rare-gas Hydride Ions
Masatoshi Kajita, and Naoki Kimura
J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 89, 114301 (2020)

Quadruply Ionized Barium as a Candidate for a High-Accuracy Optical Clock
K. Beloy, V. A. Dzuba, and S. M. Brewer
Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 173002 (2020)

Quantum clocks observe classical and quantum time dilation
Alexander R. H. Smith & Mehdi Ahmadi
Nature Communications 11 , 1–9 (2020)

Quantum Simulations with Complex Geometries and Synthetic Gauge Fields in a Trapped Ion Chain
Tom Manovitz, Yotam Shapira, Nitzan Akerman, Ady Stern, and Roee Ozeri
PRX Quantum 1, 020303 (2020)

Single-atom heat engine as a sensitive thermal probe
Amikam Levy, Moritz Göb, Bo Deng, Kilian Singer, E Torrontegui and Daqing Wang
New J. Phys. 22 093020 (2020)

Structural phase transition of the ion crystals embedded in an optical lattice
Zhichao Liu, Liang Chen, Ji Li, Hang Zhang, Chengbin Li, Fei Zhou, Shilei Su, Leilei Yan, and Mang Feng
Phys. Rev. A 102, 033116 (2020)

Studies of thorium and ytterbium ion trap loading from laser ablation for gravity monitoring with nuclear clocks
Piotrowski, Marcin; Scarabel, Jordan; Lobino, Mirko; Streed, Erik; Gensemer, Stephen
OSA Continuum 3(8) 2210-2221 (2020)

The effect of the electric trapping field on state-selective loading of molecules into rf ion traps
Laura Blackburn & Matthias Keller
Scientific Reports 10 , 1–11 (2020)

The emerging commercial landscape of quantum computing
Evan R. MacQuarrie, Christoph Simon, Stephanie Simmons & Elicia Maine
Nature Reviews Physics 2 , 596–598 (2020)

Time-dependent harmonic potentials for momentum or position scaling
J. G. Muga, S. Martínez-Garaot, M. Pons, M. Palmero, and A. Tobalina
Phys. Rev. Research 2, 043162 (2020)

Towards Photonic Interconnects between Ion Traps for Scalable Quantum Information Processing
Takahashi, Hiroki
QELS Fundamental Science, Paper# FF1D.4 (2020)

Transition frequencies and hyperfine structure in 113,115In+: Application of a liquid-metal ion source for collinear laser spectroscopy
Kristian König, Jörg Krämer, Phillip Imgram, Bernhard Maaß, Wilfried Nörtershäuser, and Tim Ratajczyk
Phys. Rev. A 102, 042802 (2020)

Ultra-fast two-qubit ion gate using sequences of resonant pulses
E Torrontegui, D Heinrich, M I Hussain, R Blatt and J J García-Ripoll
New J. Phys. 22 103024 (2020)


A high-fidelity method for a single-step N-bit Toffoli gate in trapped ions
Juan Diego Arias Espinoza, Koen Groenland, Matteo Mazzanti, Kareljan Schoutens, Rene Gerritsma

A Wavelength-Insensitive, Multispecies Entangling Gate for Group-2 Atomic Ions
Brian C. Sawyer, Kenton R. Brown

An optically-heated atomic source for compact ion trap vacuum systems
Shaobo Gao, William Hughes, David M. Lucas, Timothy G. Ballance, Joseph F. Goodwin

Coherent randomized benchmarking
Jorge Miguel-Ramiro, Alexander Pirker, Wolfgang Dür

Collisional cooling of internal rotation in MgH+ ions trapped with He atoms: Quantum modeling meets experiments in Coulomb crystals
L. González-Sánchez, R. Wester, F. A. Gianturco

Compact transportable 171Yb+ single-ion optical fully automated clock with 4.9E-16 relative instability
Timur Abbasov, Konstantin Makarenko, Ivan Sherstov, Mikhail Axenov, Ilya Zalivako, Ilya Semerikov, Ksenia Khabarova, Nikolay Kolachevsky, Sergey Chepurov, Alexei Taichenachev, Sergey Bagaev, Anton Tausenev

Direct Observation of Ion Micromotion in a Linear Paul Trap
Liudmila A. Zhukas, Maverick J. Millican, Peter Svihra, Andrei Nomerotski, Boris B. Blinov

Efficient and robust certification of genuine multipartite entanglement in noisy quantum error correction circuits
Andrea Rodriguez-Blanco, Alejandro Bermudez, Markus Müller, Farid Shahandeh

Efficient unstructured search implementation on current ion-trap quantum processors
Vladyslav Hlembotskyi, Rafał Burczyński, Witold Jarnicki, Adam Szady, Jan Tułowiecki

Error correction of a logical grid state qubit by dissipative pumping
Brennan de Neeve, Thanh Long Nguyen, Tanja Behrle, Jonathan Home

Generalized Hamiltonian to describe imperfections in ion-light interaction
Ming Li, Kenneth Wright, Neal C. Pisenti, Kristin M. Beck, Jason H. V. Nguyen, Yunseong Nam

High Fidelity Entangling Gates in a 3D Ion Crystal under Micromotion
Y. -K. Wu, Z. -D. Liu, W. -D. Zhao, L. -M. Duan

Local measures of dynamical quantum phase transitions
Jad C. Halimeh, Daniele Trapin, Maarten Van Damme, Markus Heyl

Masses of short-lived 49Sc, 50Sc, 70As, 73Br and stable 196Hg nuclides
I. Kulikov, A. Algora, D. Atanasov, P. Ascher, K. Blaum, R. B. Cakirli, A. Herlert, W. J. Huang, J. Karthein, Yu. A. Litvinov, D. Lunney, V. Manea, M. Mougeot, L. Schweikhard, A. Welker, F. Wienholtz

Measuring ion oscillations at the quantum level with fluorescence light
G. Cerchiari, G. Araneda, L. Podhora, L. Slodička, Y. Colombe, R. Blatt

Optimal Probes for Global Quantum Thermometry
Wai-Keong Mok, Kishor Bharti, Leong-Chuan Kwek, Abolfazl Bayat

Quantum amplification of boson-mediated interactions
S. C. Burd, R. Srinivas, H. M. Knaack, W. Ge, A. C. Wilson, D. J. Wineland, D. Leibfried, J. J. Bollinger, D. T. C. Allcock, D. H. Slichter

Quantum control with a multi-dimensional Gaussian quantum invariant
Selwyn Simsek, Florian Mintert

Quantum harmonic oscillator spectrum analyzers
Jonas Keller, Pan-Yu Hou, Katherine C. McCormick, Daniel C. Cole, Stephen D. Erickson, Jenny J. Wu, Andrew C. Wilson, Dietrich Leibfried

Quantum oscillator noise spectroscopy via displaced Schrödinger cat states
Alistair R. Milne, Cornelius Hempel, Li Li, Claire L. Edmunds, Harry J. Slatyer, Harrison Ball, Michael R. Hush, Michael J. Biercuk

Quantum Sensing of Intermittent Stochastic Signals
Sara Mouradian, Neil Glikin, Eli Megidish, Kai-Isaak Ellers, Hartmut Haeffner

Realization of p_valued Deutsch quantum gates
Claudio Moraga

Rotational state-changing collisions of C2H− and C2N− anions with He under interstellar and cold ion trap conditions: a computational comparison
Jan Franz, Barry Mant, Lola González-Sánchez, Roland Wester, Franco A. Gianturco

Temperature-dependent rotationally inelastic collisions of OH- and He
Eric S. Endres, Steve Ndengue, Olga Lakhmanskaya, Seunghyun Lee, Francesco A. Gianturco, Richard Dawes, Roland Wester

Trapping, Shaping and Isolating of Ion Coulomb Crystals via State-selective Optical Potentials
Pascal Weckesser, Fabian Thielemann, Daniel Hoenig, Alexander Lambrecht, Leon Karpa, Tobias Schaetz

Unconditional preparation of squeezed vacuum from Rabi interactions
Jacob Hastrup, Kimin Park, Radim Filip, Ulrik L. Andersen

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