ITN Newsletter – November 2020

ITN Newsletter – November 2020

The COST office is taking a survey on virtual networking. If you have any bright ideas what and how we can implement interactions between Ion Trappers in the next months, you are very welcome to reply to this newsletter message. Some "technical" coffee breaks or virtual literature clubs could allow to spread information more widely. And of course you are all invited to the Precision Physics and Fundamental Symmetries seminar (see more in this November issue).

Dear all,

the COST office is taking a survey on virtual networking. If you have any bright ideas what and how we can implement interactions between Ion Trappers in the next months, you are very welcome to reply to this newsletter message. Some “technical” coffee breaks or virtual  literature clubs could allow to spread information more widely. And of course you are all invited to the Precision Physics and Fundamental Symmetries seminar (see below).


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Klaus Blaum, Björn Jonnson and Piet Van Duppen have been awarded of the Lise-Meitner Prize 2020 (details). Congratulations!

The German Physical Society has published its 2021 awards and you will find many well-known faces from the Ion Trapping community and friends. Details on the (German) website.

The Physical Review Journal Club discusses latest research outcomes, as for example  HERE on “Benchmarking a High-Fidelity Mixed-Species Entangling Gate”.

Special issue ” Trapped Ion Quantum Information“. Guest editor: Erik Torrontegui. Details

EPJ QT special issue: “Quantum Metrology & Quantum Enhanced Measurement“. Submissions are accepted from now until 30 June 2021. Details

Online seminars

Virtual Seminar on Precision Physics and Fundamental Symmetries 2020
an initiative for the precision physics and quantum information community every Thursday   LINK

The Virtual AMO Seminar ( Fridays, 7pm (UTC) 
The “Quantum Science Seminar” ( Thursdays, 5pm


WInter School on Physics with Trapped Charged Particles, Les Houches (France) from January 25 – February 5th, 2021. Our 4th edition is open for registration ! LINK

The MIAPP program “PARTICLE & AMO PHYSICISTS DISCUSSING QUANTUM SENSORS AND NEW PHYSICS” will be held at the Munich Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics (MIAPP, in Garching, Germany, from 1st to 26th March 2021.

25th ICOLS, Estes Park, Colorado/USA, 20-25 June 2021

European Conference on Trapped Ions (ECTI), Djurönäset, Sweden, summer 2021

52nd EGAS conference,  in Zagreb, Croatia, 5-9 July 2021

27th International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP) in Toronto, Canada, 17-22 July 2022 LINK



A PhD position at Infineon on 1k Qubit Ion Traps. Details

The TITAN collaboration seeks 3 Postdoctoral Fellows to support its high-precision experiments at TRIUMF. Four on-line ion traps (a linear Paul trap, MR-TOF, EBIT, and Penning trap) are used to prepare and measure radioactive ion beams to study nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics, and fundamental interactions. Please read here or contact Ania Kwiatkowski, , for more information.

A postdoctoral research associate to work on an electron electric dipole moment measurement using ultracold molecules. Details

A postdoc position is available in the Patterson group at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  We are a relatively new group, developing new techniques for action spectroscopy in molecular ions.  A near-term goal of the research is realizing non-destructive spectroscopic identification of single polyatomic ions. Contact for more information. Postdoc and PhD positions for projects focussed on quantum computing with trapped ions are available at the University of Oxford, please contact Chris Ballance ().

Postdoctoral Research Associate and PhD positions are available on quantum simulation with large beryllium ion crystals in a Penning trap at the University of Sydney. For details see HERE or contact Robert Wolf ().

Postdoctoral Research Associate and PhD positions for projects focused on quantum computing, quantum simulation, and precision metrology with trapped-ions in linear Paul traps are available at the University of Sydney. Closing date: 9 November 2020 (AEST). For further details please see the job advert or contact Michael Biercuk ().

A tenure-track position in AMO physics with a focus on quantum technologies at UC Louvain. Details are found HERE

The BASE-Mainz team seeks to fill a post-doc position and two PhD positions on antimatter experiments until the end of the year. Details on website, or contact Christian Smorra ()

An open Ph.D./Postdoc position in the group of prof. Thorsten Schumm at the Vienna University of Technology: solid-state nuclear Thorium-229 clock development, for details, see ​

A post-doc position is available in co-development of the ultimate monolithic 3D Paul-trap and Sr-ion quantum networking. Contact , Details

A postdoc position is available in the group of Sourav Dutta (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India). The projects in the lab focus on trapped ions and ultracold molecules. For details please contact .     Details

You can also find postdoc positions in frequency metrology, cold atoms and quantum information



Please sent informations about your publications to

Broadening of the drumhead-mode spectrum due to in-plane thermal fluctuations of two-dimensional trapped ion crystals in a Penning trap
Athreya Shankar, Chen Tang, Matthew Affolter, Kevin Gilmore, Daniel H. E. Dubin, Scott Parker, Murray J. Holland, and John J. Bollinger
Phys. Rev. A 102, 053106 (2020)

Confinement in the spectrum of a Heisenberg–Ising spin ladder
Gianluca Lagnese, Federica Maria Surace, Márton Kormos and Pasquale Calabrese
J. Stat. Mech. 2020 093106 (2020)

Control of N2+ air lasing
Mathew Britton, Marianna Lytova, Dong Hyuk Ko, Abdulaziz Alqasem, Peng Peng, D. M. Villeneuve, Chunmei Zhang, Ladan Arissian, and P. B. Corkum
Phys. Rev. A 102, 053110 (2020)

Doubly-magic character of 132Sn studied via electromagnetic moments of 133Sn
L. V. Rodríguez et al.
Phys. Rev. C 102, 051301(R) (2020)

Enhanced two-parameter phase-space-displacement estimation close to a dissipative phase transition
Peter A. Ivanov
Phys. Rev. A 102, 052611 (2020)

Experimental Realization of Nonadiabatic Holonomic Single-Qubit Quantum Gates with Optimal Control in a Trapped Ion
Ming-Zhong Ai, Sai Li, Zhibo Hou, Ran He, Zhong-Hua Qian, Zheng-Yuan Xue, Jin-Ming Cui, Yun-Feng Huang, Chuan-Feng Li, and Guang-Can Guo
Phys. Rev. Applied 14, 054062 (2020)

Facilitating spin squeezing generated by collective dynamics with single-particle decoherence
K. Tucker, D. Barberena, R. J. Lewis-Swan, J. K. Thompson, J. G. Restrepo, and A. M. Rey
Phys. Rev. A 102, 051701(R) (2020)

Geopotential measurement with a robust, transportable Ca+ optical clock
Yao Huang, Huaqing Zhang, Baolin Zhang, Yanmei Hao, Hua Guan, Mengyan Zeng, Qunfeng Chen, Yige Lin, Yuzhuo Wang, Shiying Cao, Kun Liang, Fang Fang, Zhanjun Fang, Tianchu Li, and Kelin Gao
Phys. Rev. A 102, 050802(R) (2020)

Integrated optical multi-ion quantum logic
Karan K. Mehta, Chi Zhang, Maciej Malinowski, Thanh-Long Nguyen, Martin Stadler, Jonathan P. Home
Nature 586, 533-537 (2020)

Mass measurements for the Tz=−2f p-shell nuclei 40Ti, 44Cr, 46Mn, 48Fe, 50Co, and 52Ni
C. Y. Fu et al.
Phys. Rev. C 102, 054311 (2020)

Mass-selective removal of ions from Paul traps using parametric excitation
Julian Schmidt, Daniel Hönig, Pascal Weckesser, Fabian Thielemann, Tobias Schaetz & Leon Karpa
Applied Physics B volume 126, Article number: 176 (2020)

Observation of strong two-electron–one-photon transitions in few-electron ions
M. Togawa, S. Kühn, C. Shah, P. Amaro, R. Steinbrügge, J. Stierhof, N. Hell, M. Rosner, K. Fujii, M. Bissinger, R. Ballhausen, M. Hoesch, J. Seltmann, S. Park, F. Grilo, F. S. Porter, J. P. Santos, M. Chung, T. Stöhlker, J. Wilms, T. Pfeifer, G. V. Brown, M. A. Leutenegger, S. Bernitt, and J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia
Phys. Rev. A 102, 052831 (2020)

Phase-coherent sensing of the center-of-mass motion of trapped-ion crystals
M. Affolter, K. A. Gilmore, J. E. Jordan, and J. J. Bollinger
Phys. Rev. A 102, 052609 (2020)

Prospects and challenges for squeezing-enhanced optical atomic clocks
Marius Schulte, Christian Lisdat, Piet O. Schmidt, Uwe Sterr & Klemens Hammerer
Nature Communications 11 , 1–10 (2020)

Quantum computer race intensifies as alternative technology gains steam
Elizabeth Gibney
Nature 587 , 342–343 (2020)

Radioactive ion beam manipulation at the IGISOL-4 facility
Heikki Penttilä, Olga Beliuskina, Laetitia Canete, Antoine de Roubin, Tommi Eronen, Marjut Hukkanen, Anu Kankainen, Iain Moore, Dmitrii Nesterenko, Philippos Papadakis, Ilkka Pohjalainen, Mikael Reponen, Sami Rinta-Antila, Jan Sarén, Juha Uusitalo, Markus Vilén and Ville Virtanen
EPJ Web of Conferences 239, 17002 (2020)

Randomized benchmarking in the analogue setting
E Derbyshire, J Yago Malo, A J Daley, E Kashefi and P Wallden
Quantum Sci. Technol. 5 034001 (2020)

Robust control of an ensemble of springs: Application to ion cyclotron resonance and two-level quantum systems
V. Martikyan, A. Devra, D. Guéry-Odelin, S. J. Glaser, and D. Sugny
Phys. Rev. A 102, 053104 (2020)

Sub-kelvin temperature management in ion traps for optical clocks
T. Nordmann, A. Didier, M. Doležal, P. Balling, T. Burgermeister and T. E. Mehlstäubler
Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 111301 (2020)

The new SI and the fundamental constants of nature
Miguel A. Martin-Delgado
Eur. J. Phys. 41 063003 (2020)

The Panopticon device: An integrated Paul-trap–hemispherical mirror system for quantum optics
G. Araneda, G. Cerchiari, D. B. Higginbottom, P. C. Holz, K. Lakhmanskiy, P. Obšil, Y. Colombe, and R. Blatt
Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 113201 (2020)

The 229 Th isomer: prospects for a nuclear optical clock
Lars von der Wense and Benedict Seiferle
Eur. Phys. J. A  56,: 277 (2020)



A high-fidelity method for a single-step N-bit Toffoli gate in trapped ions
Juan Diego Arias Espinoza, Koen Groenland, Matteo Mazzanti, Kareljan Schoutens, Rene Gerritsma

Approximate Unitary 3-Designs from Transvection Markov Chains
Xinyu Tan, Narayanan Rengaswamy, Robert Calderbank

Beating classical heuristics for the binary paint shop problem with the quantum approximate optimization algorithm
Michael Streif, Sheir Yarkoni, Andrea Skolik, Florian Neukart, Martin Leib

Coherent laser spectroscopy of highly charged ions using quantum logic
P. Micke, T. Leopold, S. A. King, E. Benkler, L. J. Spieß, L. Schmöger, M. Schwarz, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia, P. O. Schmidt

Cold chemistry: a few-body perspective on impurity physics of a single ion in an ultracold bath
Jesús Pérez-Ríos

Controlled turbulence regime of electron cyclotron resonance ion source for improved multicharged ion performance
V. A. Skalyga, I. V. Izotov, A. G. Shalashov, E. D. Gospodchikov, E. M. Kiseleva, O. Tarvainen, H. Koivisto, V. Toivanen

Generating Target Graph Couplings for QAOA from Native Quantum Hardware Couplings
Joel Rajakumar, Jai Moondra, Swati Gupta, Creston D. Herold

Inelastic collision dynamics of a single cold ion immersed in a Bose-Einstein condensate
Thomas Dieterle, Moritz Berngruber, Christian Hölzl, Robert Löw, Krzysztof Jachymski, Tilman Pfau, Florian Meinert

Isotope-specific reactions of acetonitrile (CH3CN) with trapped, translationally cold CCl+
Olivia A. Krohn, Katherine J. Catani, James Greenberg, Srivathsan P. Sundar, Gabriel da Silva, Heather J. Lewandowski

Fast Cooling of Trapped Ion in Strong Sideband Coupling Regime
Shuo Zhang, Jian-Qi Zhang, Wei Wu, Wan-Su Bao, Chu Guo

Goldilock rules, Quantum cellular automata and coarse-graining
O. Duranthon, Giuseppe Di Molfetta

Integrated optical addressing of a trapped ytterbium ion
M. Ivory, W. J. Setzer, N. Karl, H. McGuinness, C. DeRose, M. Blain, D. Stick, M. Gehl, L. P. Parazzoli

Laserless quantum gates for electric dipoles in thermal motion
Eric R. Hudson, Wesley C. Campbell

Microwaves in Quantum Computing
Joseph C. Bardin, Daniel H. Slichter, David J. Reilly

Prototype of a phonon laser with trapped ions
Chen-Yu Lee, Kuan-Ting Lin, Guin-Dar Lin

Quantum Simulation of Light-Front Parton Correlators
M. G. Echevarria, I. L. Egusquiza, E. Rico, G. Schnell

Quantum simulations of light-matter interactions in arbitrary coupling regimes
L. Lamata

The Heidelberg compact electron beam ion traps
P. Micke, S. Kühn, L. Buchauer, J. R. Harries, T. M. Bücking, K. Blaum, A. Cieluch, A. Egl, D. Hollain, S. Kraemer, T. Pfeifer, P. O. Schmidt, R. X. Schüssler, Ch. Schweiger, T. Stöhlker, S. Sturm, R. N. Wolf, S. Bernitt, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia

Three-dimensional matter-wave interferometry of trapped single ion
Ami Shinjo, Masato Baba, Koya Higashiyama, Ryoichi Saito, Takashi Mukaiyama

Trapping, Shaping and Isolating of Ion Coulomb Crystals via State-selective Optical Potentials
Pascal Weckesser, Fabian Thielemann, Daniel Hoenig, Alexander Lambrecht, Leon Karpa, Tobias Schaetz


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