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January 6, 2022
Due to travel and other restrictions, ECCTI (the Early Career Conference on Trapped Ions) is postponed to 26 June - 1 July 2022 in order to guarantee a face-to-face event. We wish you a fabulous New Year 2022, which will hopefully bring us back to the ground state with a high degree of control of external perturbations. Stay positive, ion trappers !
December 6, 2021
After a very successful ECTI in different locations and online, our next event is ECCTI (the Early Career Conference on Trapped Ions), initially planned for January 2022 at CERN. Due to the rapidly evolving situation in Europe, the organisers will take a decision in the upcoming days about the format and/or change of date of the conference. Please consult the website regularly!
November 10, 2021
Final deadline to register for the Mainz satellite meeting is Wednesday 10 November at 12:00 CET.
November 2, 2021
A hybrid European Conference on Trapped Ions (ECTI) in three weeks, in a very unusual format: a central online event and some local in-person meetings. Don't forget to sign up before 7 November 2021 !!
October 14, 2021
After a long delay, it has finally shortly been decided that the ECTI Conference 2021 will be held...
October 4, 2021
Two new events in the frame of the COST Action CA17113 will tackle different aspects of ion trapping. The Cryogenic Ion Trapping Day focuses on technical aspects of low-temperature devices, while the 2nd edition of ECCTI is dedicated to young ion trappers, and gives them a unique opportunity to gather and discuss.
September 30, 2021
Online conference. Registration deadline: 17.10.2021
September 28, 2021
Few days left to submit your contribution (talk or poster) to ECCTI 2022, the Early Career Conference on...
September 1, 2021
Our newsletter has now 1184 subscribers! The statistics says that half of them regularly open the newsletter (and probably even read it !). Do not hesitate to tell interested ion trappers how to subscribe: there is an automated procedure on the website of the COST Action at
August 2, 2021
The call for abstracts for the second edition of ECCTI - the Early Career Conference in Trapped Ions - which will take place in January 2022 in Geneva is open until 1st September 2021 !!!

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Brown lab + collaborators talks at DAMOP
N01.00053 Fault-Tolerant Operation of a Quantum Error-Correction Code
U04.00002 Progress towards dipole-phonon quantum logic with trapped CaO+ and Ca+ ion
U04.00006 Co-trapping K, Ca+, and CaH+: Ion-atom-molecule interaction measurements

Electrically-driven non-Gaussian operations for trapped-ion CVQC, Using 'protected' modes in trapped ions to enable mid-algorithm measurements for CVQC, and Spontaneous scattering errors from Raman transitions in metastable trapped-ion qubits.

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