Scientific Programme

Scientific Programme

Main aims of the Action are to provide a platform to develop new tools, technologies, and ideas for classical and quantum technologies with trapped ions, and to foster transfer of mature technologies to socioeconomic partners.

Specifically, this Action targets to overcome current limits in the field of trapped ions on quantum control, scalability, precision measurements, and hybrid quantum systems.

This Action represents all facets of experimental and theoretical activities in the field of trapped ion physics and its applications. Joining forces will allow to attain a critical mass in manpower and to distribute efforts efficiently among all participants and share technologies and techniques. Complementary challenges can be confronted in parallel, leading to a goal-oriented result-finding process.

The Action will facilitate and accelerate the flow of information, by encouraging mobility of junior and senior researchers, by concentrating interactions through the organisation of thematic workgroup meetings, and by setting up a common interaction platform and database in electronic form, accessible by all participants.

Four Working Groups (WGs) are dealing with a different scientific topic. All efforts will be made to maximise exchange and interaction on certain well-identified topics, to optimise scientific and technological outcomes.