TIPICQA - COST Action CA17113

Trapped Ions: Progress in Classical and Quantum Applications

The Project

In recent years, ion traps have developed from a topic of fundamental research into a versatile tool for a wide range of research topics and quantum technologies. With the ability to isolate the ions from their environment, atomic and molecular ions can now be studied in unparalleled detail.

Trapped ions are currently the most promising implementation of quantum information processing devices, where many essential building blocks have been developed in recent years. Moreover, magnetic field sensing with high sensitivity has been demonstrated and some of today’s best atomic clocks are based on atomic ions. These applications have the potential to revolutionise many aspects of our daily life. The aim of CA17113 is to enhance the current applications of trapped ions by supporting Europe-wide collaborations and knowledge exchange, and to allow these technologies to be taken a step further towards their commercialisation.

Project Details


Ion trapping has many applications across science and technology. Along with steady progress in high precision mass spectrometry – well developed and widely…


This COST Action will strengthen the leading role of Europe in the field of ion trap related science and technologies by organising a Europe-wide…

Scientific Programme

Main aims of the Action are to provide a platform to develop new tools, technologies, and ideas for classical and quantum technologies with trapped ions…

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January 11, 2021
Here is 2021 ! We wish you an exciting New Year, far away from all viruses, full of new ideas, with lots of success in your experiments, theories and other projects, and we are looking forward to meeting again in the not too far future!
December 2, 2020
The COST office is taking a survey on virtual networking. If you have any bright ideas what and how we can implement interactions between Ion Trappers in the next months, you are very welcome to reply to this newsletter message. Some "technical" coffee breaks or virtual literature clubs could allow to spread information more widely. And of course you are all invited to the Precision Physics and Fundamental Symmetries seminar (see more in this November issue).

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Do you ever think that #TrappedIons are treated unfairly?

Seperated from their bulk friends and made oscillate millions of times a second?

Maybe they should stand up to this oppression and unIONise and just let the atoms be.

I'm so sorry.

Innsbruck physicists together with @iqoqivienna have entangled two #quantum bits distributed over several quantum objects and successfully transmitted their quantum properties - a milestone towards fault-tolerant quantum computers @nature https://iqoqi.at/en/current/news/775-error-protected-quantum-bits-entangled

Image for the Tweet beginning: Innsbruck physicists together with @iqoqivienna
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